On June 30, Co-op bookstore This House of Books plans open house

Plans are to remodel the former Wendy’s restaurant, at Second Avenue North and North 29th Street, into the bookstore. Opening day is set for Sept. 1 This House of Books is offering the public a sneak peek of its site from 5 to 7 p.m. on June 30.

Members of the public can sample tea, hear plans for the store, and meet general manager Gary Robson. They can also purchase dividend shares for $500 or voting shares for $100. Being a shareholder is not a requirement for using the bookstore.

The mission of This House of Books is “to build a cultural hub in downtown Billings for book lovers,” Robson said.

He plans to host author talks and signings, poetry readings, tea tastings, game nights, comedy nights and acoustic music nights.

Board president Carrie LaSeur said writers have responded enthusiastically to the store.

“Quite a few have purchased shares,” LaSeur said. “We’ll be highlighting their books at the open house and in the store when it opens.”

Robson said as a full-service bookstore, This House of Books will have a little of everything, but will focus on “regional authors and topics, educational books, nature and science, classics and a strong children’s section.”

The store will also feature a tea bar with more than 150 varieties of tea sourced from all over the world. For more information, go to ThisHouseOfBooks.com.