Taylor Swift breakup drama, Calvin Harris and Rihanna dropped the music video for This Is What You Came For

Amidst all of that Taylor Swift breakup drama, Calvin Harris and Rihanna dropped the music video for This Is What You Came For, and it is one hot sultry clip. In addition to bright neon lights, fast luxury cars, and all the other aspects that make for a great dance video, it’s also stylish AF, but did you really expect anything less from a video starring Rihanna?

After a ton of teasers on social media, the highly anticipated music video for the chart-topping song has finally arrived, and I can barely contain my excitement. The four-minute omega replica watchesclip opens to a zoomed out shot of the songstress looking as gorgeous as ever. As the song progresses, RiRi struts her stuff and dances around in a box-like set with various moving images of nature such as a sunrise and a forest, all with different colored lights beaming around her. The boxy stage in which the video is shot sort of resembles the one in Drake’s Hotline Bling — coincidence? I think not, as we all know how close Rihanna and Drake are rumored to be.

Although she dons just one ensemble throughout the video, it’s super fabulous and stylish. The 28-year-old slays in a shimmery gunmetal hooded onesie layered atop a black tank, with loads of sparkly clips in her hair. The sweetest part? The edgy look is super easy to recreate.

Check out the shimmery outfit.

This look is giving me major 90s vibes.

How cool is this jumpsuit?!

I’m completely obsessed with her hair jewelry.

It sort of looks like bedazzled bobby pins and star-shaped sparkly clips.

She is practically oozing bling all over.

Let’s check out some lookalike options to help you copy Rihanna’s shimmery ensemble, shall we?

ASOS Star Embellished Jumpsuit with Wide Leg, $180, asos.com

This baggy silhouette captures that sporty-chic quality that Rihanna’s jumpsuit possesses.

ASOS NIGHT All Over Sequin Jumpsuit with Culotte Leg, $195, asos.com 

This sultry onesie embodies that same gunmetal shade that RiRi’s does.

ASOS PETITE Lurex Stripe 70s jumpsuit, $49, asos.com 

This one is practically a spitting image of the jumpsuit she wears in the video, and probably for a fraction of the price.


Rhinestone Slide, $5.99, sallybeauty.com  

Layer a bunch of these at once, and you’ll look like Rihanna in no time.


Crystal Poinsettia Hair Clip, $20, icing.com
This baby will add some serious sparkle to your mane.  


Large Rhinestone Poinsettia Hair Comb, $40, icing.com
I’m loving the cutout quality of this comb, which will allow your hair color to peek through just a bit.  

Flower Rhinestone Necklace, $24.99, claires.com

This takes glam to the next level.

Iced Out Rhinestone Choker, $12, nastygal.com

Throw on a whole bunch of rhinestone necklaces to nail Rihanna’s super glitzy look.  

Check out the full video below.


Images: Courtesy Brands (8); CalvinHarrisVEVO/YouTube (6)