These wallpapers will turn your broken iPhone into a work of art

Twitter/@KamalElgamel/Reddit /danksause
Cracked Iphones

Chances are it still works, but you have to spend every day looking at a spiderweb of lines covering your screen. There’s nothing more annoying that cracking your phone screen.

But smashing your gadget doesn’t have to ruin your day. Some resourceful smartphone users have come up with a brilliant way to make the most of their mishaps.

In a sequence of photos compiled by Bored Panda , clumsy gadget owners show how they have downloaded wallpapers that make features out of their cracked screens.

Cracked Iphone

Reddit /danksause
Cracked Iphone

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Most of the wallpapers include animated characters that appear to be striking the screen at the point where the cracks appear.

Cracked Iphone

Cracked Iphone

It may not be a long-term fix, but it will certainly cheer you up every time you look at your smashed screen.

And it’s a damn sight cheaper than getting your screen replaced.

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