Do Beauty Blenders Work With Powder? I Tried It Out Here’s What Happened

If you’re wondering do beauty blenders work with powder, I’m here to end your speculations and show you how.  The beauty blender isn’t a new idea — our grandmas used sponges to apply foundation! However, when that bouncy pink, egg-shaped sponge came onto the scene, we were all reminded why brushes aren’t the only way to apply your makeup, even powder.

The beauty blender is a an egg shaped sponge that can be used for any type of makeup application, from cream primer and foundation to powdered bronzer and even highlight. It’s meant to be used wet, never dry, and the moisture transforms cake-y looks into luminous, dewy finishes.

You push and press the sponge into the skin, instead of sweeping and swooping it around with a brush. (The latter technique can actually remove product from your face, or create unevenness and lines.) With a beauty blender, acne, pores and fine lines are filled and covered because you’re melting the product into your skin and setting it by pushing the product into your pores, not just on top of them.

The end result? A light, blended, airbrushed look. Many artists use the blender to apply foundation and other cream products, but you’re only getting half of your money’s worth if you aren’t using it with powders, too.

Don’t believe me? Here’s how:

1. Apply Translucent Powder Under Your Eyes

I love to set my whole under-eye area with a translucent powder, so I grabbed my damp sponge and dipped it into my NYX Studio Finishing Powder and began pressing it into my skin. To blend it out, I rolled the Beauty Blender across my face until the powder melted into my foundation.

Et voila — smooth and silky silk! Bye, bye under-eye bags.

2. Apply Contour Or Bronzing Powder

I turned my beauty blender horizontally to create a cut contour. Once I had the product on, I flipped to the dome side of the applicator to blend it out and lighten it up.

3. Blend Blush & Highlight

I used the dome side of the beauty blender to apply my powder blush on the apples of my cheeks, and it was the perfect size for the area. Afterward, I used the tip to press powder highlight to the tops of my cheekbones.

My Verdict

So, how did it work? Surprisingly well! I will say that it’s definitely easier to dip a damp beauty blender into a loose powder than a compact, but even if you only have compact powders, bouncing your bb into the compact and onto your skin is something you should totally considering doing.

Images: Jessica Willingham