Doom video game soundtrack concludes hidden pentagrams and ‘666’


Doom contains its fair share of easter eggs

While it’s now widely known that the game contains secret playable versions of classic levels from the 1993 version, one inquisitive player has apparently uncovered one more incredibly obscure surprise and posted his discovery on reddit . Doom, the recent reboot of id Software’s demonic shooter franchise, has yet another hidden Easter egg lurking in its code.

Redditor Tomcb reports that he ran the game’s soundtrack through spectogram software – which provides a visual representation of a sound’s various frequencies – and found Satanic pentagram symbols and the number 666 in the resulting image.


Doom soundtrack spectogram
Redditor Tomcb appears to have found a fiendish secret

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The world of music has produced a number of myths about certain songs which, when played backwards, contain creepy hidden messages. Now it looks like gaming is getting a slice of the action.

There’s been no confirmation as yet from the makers of the game, but developers id have a significant reputation for planting various secrets and hidden references in their games. Manipulating sonic frequencies is certainly taking it up a step.

At the very least, it beats having to ruin a vinyl copy of Stairway to Heaven.

Doom is out now for Xbox One , PlayStation 4 and PC

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