Edgar Wright’s Best Films, Ranked

Edgar Wright may be one of the best directors alive today. The man only has five major feature films to his name, but every single one of them is good. But which is the greatest? We’re going to try to answer that question by ranking Edgar Wright’s five big movies in order.

To start, let’s make one thing perfectly clear, shall we? All five of these movies are great. Edgar Wright is an amazing director. I personally love all five of them and would compare the movie at the bottom of list favorably to most of the movies I’ve seen in my life. Still, somehow we must figure out how to distinguish the best from the “not quite as good” so here we go.

Scott Pilgrim

5. Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Scott Pilgrim vs the World may be one of Edgar Wright’s most divisive films. Many might believe the film belongs higher on the list, while the rest consider this the only bad movie Edgar Wright has made, thus earning it a place at the bottom. While I personally love the film, I can also appreciate those that just don’t find it nearly as much fun. The film is so utterly unique with its use of video game imagery and action in an otherwise grounded story that it resonated with many. For me, Scott Pilgrim is here not because the film is bad, but because everything else is so much better.