Face Gloss Is The New Strobing Trend For Summer 2016

At this point, you might be wondering how exactly this look is different from the rest. The trick here is that instead of opting for powders that give you a shimmer, you’re going for straight-up gloss. Women’s site Gurl explained it perfectly, stating, “It’s basically like clear lipgloss, but specifically designed to put on your face — kind of like highlighter, but without coloring or glitter.” Think Vaseline, with wet eyelids and dewy cheekbones. Now, let’s tackle the next potential concern: Will this just make you look super oily? Don’t we usually want to control the grease factor, not add to it?

This summer, it appears that the beauty trend du jour is all about looking dewy, fresh, and glistening. From strobing to highlighting, there are plenty of options for how to achieve a shimmery aesthetic, but a new one is cropping up in our makeup bags: Face gloss is the newest strobing trend, Popsugar reported.

According to Popsugar, we’ve got nothing to fear. It’s all about where you apply it, in order to avoid looking like humidity just melted you into a sweaty mess. “Face Gloss can be worn over powder or cream foundation or on bare skin; it looks beautiful on your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, and even your eyelids, which makes it a versatile product,” the publication reported.

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The idea here is to put it in the same places you’d dab on highlighter, giving you a glow when the light hits the angles of your face. By making sure only certain parts are shiny while the rest stay matte, your sheen should look intentional.

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There’s a bit of a bonus for swapping your highlighter routine for this look as well. Popsugar explained, “What makes it look natural is that it appears that the glistening effect is coming from your own skin, not the enhancement of a highlighter.” Since there’s no powder or sparkle, it looks less makeup-y. While there’s nothing wrong with putting on a full face if that’s what you want to do, dabbling in a “I’ve got no makeup on and look heart-stopping” kind of look sounds pretty good, too: A more natural look than a sparkle might be able to yield.

So to summarize, the new face gloss strobing trend is about looking dewy, not shimmery. So what do you think? Are you ready to leave the matte look behind?

Image: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle (1)