Watch as Mark Zuckerberg quizzes Tim Peake and his crewmates aboard the International Space Station

NASA via Getty Images
International Space Station (ISS) is seen from NASA space shuttle Endeavour

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Hundreds of people have already filed their own queries, which include a question about what might happen if the ISS astronauts witness Earth being clobbered by a doomsday asteroid.

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Other people asked how their children could become an astronaut or instructed Zuck to find out how the spaceman copes with the isolation of floating around in the void in a tiny tin can.

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Some of the questions were predictably bizarre.

“If you fart in space whilst in the ship without the space suit on, does the smell stay there for longer from the gravity [sic]?” one chap asked.

Others queries didn’t really count as questions.

“I can’t even get the wifi in my apartment to work and you’re getting Facebook in space!” a man raged.

“What da heck?”

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