How to have a fashionable New Year’s Eve

Whatever you think about sky-high cab fares and vomit on the streets, New Year’s Eve needs to be marked, even if just with a toast at midnight. And this New Year’s Eve in particular – it is a chance to bid goodbye and good riddance to 2016. How to do that in style? Follow our handy guide on what to wear wherever you’ll be raising that glass.

 Finery’s Myrtle dress

A dinner party

You know the drill here, the kind of raised-the-game you’re looking for is a special occasion to ask and you end up looking for your left shoe after the carpet disco, lipstick grows out of your lips and your lips are lazy. The best rule of thumb is to be honest with yourself, and to feel comfortable with something that’s attractive on the table, unlike someone who easily leaks to reach your bottle. So gorgeous clothes – to be wine-coloured is perfect. In addition, what food to participate in the dinner, that eyeliner film instead of lipstick. Just be friendly when the host is late with the dinner and you put your kettle chip on the face.

 Topshop’s velvet slip dress

Staying in

Staying in on New Year’s isn’t sad – it’s the height of luxury. Or that’s what you’re telling people, anyway. The way to zhuzh up the same experience you have on every other occasion where you sit on your sofa and watch telly is to dress up. Honestly. The amount of time you feel daft for sitting in your living room in a party dress will be far outweighed by the fact that any FOMO will be significantly reduced, especially with the addition of a regularly filled glass of prosecco. This velvet slip dress in duck-egg blue from Topshop is just the thing. Add heels and turn the heating up a tad. Now sit back, relax and watch the bells ring in 2017.

 Fenty x Rihanna by Puma’s maxiskirt

Going to a club

Congratulations! You’re going out out! Time for a proper look, right? Wrong. Everyone knows the coolest girl in the club is the one that doesn’t look as if she tried. Therefore anything on the athleisure/streetwear spectrum is your friend. And who knows this best? Rihanna. So, her Fenty range is well worth a look here – a long skirt worn with a crop top, a sweatshirt with super-long sleeves, an XXXXL T-shirt, all accessorised (à la Riri, herself) with a glass of wine and trainers. Good for the queue, the dancefloor and – if the buses are full when you emerge at 3am – that long walk home.

Whistles’s Dakota dress

A house party

Such an unpredictable. Behind the door is bright lighting, peanuts and peanuts chatting with neighbors or knocking tunes, cocktails and flowing more sadly the human body tries to challenge? The way of dressing is an institution that covers all bases. The little black dress here is your friend – it is obvious, but you will be happy if more options are available and in cool if the two are happy. Of course, if the color is standard, there is no need for style – it will make you bored like the above chat. Head for “I am funny, honest” feature in the little black dress – shimmy-fringed baffle crochet velvet change. Dakota clothes, wearing a thin shoulder strap, but will not scare the horse. Or the first scene, that in the corner of the balance of a cup of Chardonnay wine in his v-neck sweater.