The ultimate gadget gift guide for your dad this year – Father’s Day 2016

There’s a problem, though, we’re famously hard to buy for, especially when it comes to tech and gadgets. It’s Father’s Day on Sunday the 19th of June and while most of us fathers would settle for a lie-in and then being left to potter about in peace-and-quiet for the day, we certainly aren’t going to turn down breakfast in bed (hint, hint) and a nice gift.

Buy the wrong thing and it could just end up being an expensive doorstop, so here’s our guide to the best Father’s Day gift ideas for 2016.

We’ve listed them in rough price order so you can find something that fits your budget and we’ve listed more expensive and more affordable options where possible.

Sadly there’s nothing really cheap here (under £30) because really cheap tech is usually just terrible tech.

Chromecast Audio

There’s a huge amount of audio content online, whether it’s from internet radio stations, subject-specific podcasts, services such as Spotify or even just the iPlayer radio app.

If your dad has a smartphone then you can stream any of this audio to the brilliantly designed Chromecast Audio (£30).

This way he can listen to his choice of content through any speaker or stereo system with a stereo input.

Add more Chromecasts and you can create an ad-hoc multi-room system, ideal if your dad likes a bit of a party.

Buy the Chromecast Audio now from Currys

Skullcandy Grind

Getting a little piece and quiet is usually all dad wants. But the next best thing is to drown out everything else with some well-chosen tunes.

Thankfully, you can get some great headphones these days without silly prices. For in-ear headphones try the Soundmagic E10s (£30) which we’ve been recommending for over two years without hesitation.

For over-ear headphones, ignore the silly name pick him up a pair of Skullcandy Grind (also £30) , available in a range of father-pleasing colours.

Buy Skullcandy Grind now from Amazon or Buy Soundmagic E10 now from Amazon

Sky Sports without the dish or subscription

If your dad loves sport but hasn’t been permitted to blow the family budget on a full-on Sky Sports subscription – or simply isn’t allowed to strap a satellite dish to the side of the house – then Now TV is just the answer.

The small inexpensive box plugs into your TV and lets you stream Sky Sports across your internet connection – whether it’s by the day, week or rolling monthly deal with no ongoing commitment.

Perfect for the odd game here or there without a big cash layout (bundles start at just £25).

Buy Now TV Bundle Deal Here

Blast the car clean with a pressure washer

Buy anyone a vacuum cleaner for a gift and you’re not likely to get much in the way of thanks. So it’s strange that pressure washers are so warmly received by many fathers.

It’s all about cleaning the car in a matter of minutes of course but he’ll also be blasting dirt off the decking, the patio and anything else he can reach.

He’ll love the absurdly powerful jet of water and you’ll love the cleaner-looking house. Karcher makes numerous great models, starting from just £50.

Buy Now from Amazon

Watch Clarkson with an Amazon Prime subscription

James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, as a new Amazon Prime motoring show will be called The Grand Tour

It’s not an absolute rule, but generally-speaking men of a certain age are rather partial to Top Gear.

Like or hate Jeremy Clarkson, the show has been a huge smash over the years and the original team has now absconded to Amazon. Their new show ‘The Grand Tour’ will only be appearing on Amazon’s Instant Video – a rival for Netflix.

So why not give your dad a year’s worth of Amazon Prime membership and he’ll be able to watch the new show when it comes on this autumn – plus benefit from one-day delivery and other perks.

Buy the Amazon Prime now from Amazon

A brand new Kindle

Many dads like to read, when they get the chance, and so a new Kindle could be just the thing.

The current Paperwhite model has a highly-detailed screen and is LED-lit, so he can read in bed at night without disturbing anyone else – and it’s currently on offer at just £88.

There’s also the luxurious new Kindle Oasis , though at £270 it’s probably a bit beyond most budgets.

For a full breakdown of all the Kindle options read Kindle – Which is best for you?

Buy the Kindle Paperwhite now

Listen on the go with a UE Bluetooth speaker

Back to audio and another great accessory for smartphone-owning dads.

A Bluetooth speaker simply lets him take the music, or the 5 Live coverage of the footy, rugby or cricket, wherever he chooses.

Whether it’s in the bedroom, the garden or off on holiday, a Bluetooth speaker like the UE Boom 2 (£170) is tough enough to survive pretty much anywhere. There’s also the recently-released UE Roll 2 to consider.

Buy the UE Boom 2 now from Amazon

A brilliant new smartphone for less than you’d think

The absolute latest thing is the brilliant Moto G4.

Motorola has ruled the budget smartphone market for years now but the new phone smashes it apart.

Essentially Motorola has created a mid-range phablet with a fast chipset, Full HD 5.5in display and a good camera for just £169, that’s less than half what we’d expect such a phone to cost a year ago.

If your old man needs an upgrade then just buy this for him outright and give him not only a great phone but free him from phone contract misery too, he can just add a pay-as-you-go or contract-free SIM-only monthly deal for around £10 a month.

For more details read our full Moto G4 review.

Buy the Moto G4 now from Motorola

Keep him in shape with a fitness tracker

Is dad an exercise fiend or maybe he needs to lose a few kilos? Either way, a fitness tracker is a great way to motivate him and make sure he keeps in good shape for many years to come.

The latest and greatest is the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ that bundles everything you need into a compact device, with GPS tracking, heart-rate monitor, step counter, altimeter and more it’s an incredible piece of kit for £180.

For those wanting something a bit less serious, the Fitbit Alta is a stylish but more basic alternative.

Buy the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ now from Amazon

Get him baking with a bread maker

If dad fancies himself a bit of a baker then a bread maker could be just the thing to get him making tasty loaves on a regular basis – which you’ll hopefully get to enjoy as well.

Our current favourite is the Panasonic SD-ZB2512 (£190) but the Russell Hobbs 22710 is a bargain option at just £79.

Buy the Panasonic SD-ZB2512 now from John Lewis or the Russell Hobbs now from Amazon

Brilliant pictures from the latest in compact cameras

There’s a lot of different types of camera on the market and getting the right one for the right person can be tricky.

But if dad uses his camera regularly and its look a little tired then the new Canon G9 X is a fantastic all-rounder, small enough to take anywhere but taking images that can put SLRs to shame.

It’s not cheap admittedly, but these days you need something pretty serious to outgun your typical smartphone camera.

Buy the Canon G9 X now from Jessops

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