‘Funniest magic show you’ll ever see’

Christopher Wayne was once a neatly dressed magician on a kids TV show, but he says it’s more fun to be naked.

Yep, you read that right. Wayne and his co-star, Mike Tyler, bill themselves as The Naked Magicians. In a recent telephone interview, Wayne said they create the “full-frontal illusion” without being 100 percent naked.

The Australian duo is booked for a 7:30 p.m. show on March 22 at the Alberta Bair Theater. Tickets range from $30 to $69 for a VIP package. The show is limited to those 18 and over.

The show features magic, comedy and a whole lot of audience interaction. The Naked Magicians attract a crowd ready for fun that is typically made up of lots of women and a few couples.

“It’s a celebration of sexuality. When you come to this show, there is this atmosphere of fun,” Wayne said.

For several years, Wayne had his own TV show, “More Than Magic,” which aired in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S., and he was the lead comedy writer for an Australian radio show before he hit on the idea four years to take his clothes off.

“We had a couple of dates in the Brisbane Theater and started to think, ’This show could have legs.’ We spent nearly a year putting it together.’”

His stage partner, Tyler, competed in swimming at the Pan Pacific Games, then toured the world as a comedy hypnotist and magician. Wayne sees himself as the comedian and views Tyler as a legit magician. They both strive to make the show as much about having fun as it is about creating illusion and magic.

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“We have to be quick, we have to be charming. We want that 93-year-old to have as much fun as the 25-year-old bachelorette.”

It’s harder for a man to look sexy than it is for a woman, Wayne said, pointing out that a man has only his six-pack abs to show off. So he better get to the gym. Wayne said he lost 80 pounds since he started the show in 2013.

Sexy, yes, but funny, too.

“It honestly is the funniest magic show you will ever see,” Wayne said. “And we have some impossible magic in the show. When you walk in the door, you get a gift and you do magic with it. That is the most magical moment in the show, where the magic happens in their own seat.”