Future terrorist attacks could be carried out by drone swarms carrying buckets of acid, warned US presidential candidate

Zoltan Istvan drones

As new technologies become cheaper and more readily available, they provide terrorists with the ability to carry out even more horrifying attacks. From suicide belts to nail bombs, terrorists already have a whole arsenal of weapons at their disposal.

According to US presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan, some people in America are already 3D-printing their own drones that can easily be turned into deadly weapons.

“You can 3D-print 100 drones for about $30,000 or $40,000. That means at least half of adult Americans can come up with the money to create a drone army,” Istvan told Mirror Online.

“It’s really easy to arm these drones – you go to Walmart, you buy a bullet, you put the bullet in and you can shoot it pretty easily.

“There’s also software out there that you can download onto your iPhone that lets you control 100 drones flying at once, which means you can have army drone swarms. So you could send that, for example, to a football field and cause a terror attack.”

Drone surveillance planes flying over city

Istvan claims that it has never been so cheap to build and launch a weapon of mass destruction – meaning any disgruntled citizen with a bit of ingenuity could cause havoc.

“It’s not just drones carrying bullets. It’s drones carrying buckets of acid. It’s drones carrying explosive dynamite. You no longer need millions of dollars to buy some uranium to create a dirty bomb,” he said.

He added that American gun laws need to be changed, as the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, which defends citizens’ right to bear arms, is no longer fit to run the government.

“When they wrote the constitution they were writing with quill pens and they were talking about single-shot guns. They were not talking about drones that can fire multiple bullets at once at crowds and have hundreds of them swarming,” he said.

“Again, that’s only $30,000. You get someone with a $500,000 budget, you now have 5,000 drones. This is an army, a real legitimate army. You can go down and take out a police station or a military base or any of these things.”

Zoltan Istvan
Zoltan Istvan is leader of the Transhumanist party
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Istvan is the leader of the Transhumanist party, which campaigns to put science, health and technology at the forefront of American politics.

Although he us under no illusion that he will win the Presidency, he is hoping to land a spot on the administration, so that he can start working with experts to create policies to protect citizens.

“We really need a legal and a governmental organisation – maybe even a brand new institution – to deal with how fast and how far science and technology is developing in the United States,” he said.

“Because people just don’t realise that there are multiple ways of using technology to harm citizens, and without some type of increased security measures, we’re going to have tragedies happen.”

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