The Grandparents Hilariously Struggle To Define ‘Netflix And Chill’

In this hilarious YouTube video, three grandparents were asked to define the popular phrase. All we have to say is this: “Netflix and chill” isn’t really about the movie at all.

Parents, don’t be fooled when your teen says they’re going to hang out with the girl or boy next door to “Netflix and chill.” As these unsuspecting grandparents found out, it’s not as innocent as it sounds.

Check out their hysterical reactions when they find out that the “chill” part has nothing to do with “being cool.’


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Internet Slang Around The World

Internet Slang Around The World




French speakers also use the term “osef,” which literally translates to “on s’en fout,” or “who cares?” Often times, the term is used in forums and social networks for trolling — or as a response to a troll… or both.

For example, in response to a text like “Sarkozy avait l’air bien en forme aujourd’hui (Sarkozy seemed really fired up today),” a person might reply: “osef (who cares).”