What The Rock’s Die Hard-Type Thriller Will Be Called

Here's What The Rock's Die Hard-Type Thriller Will Be Called image

His new film, Central Intelligence, will hit theaters later this summer, but after that he will remain a consistent presence in theaters with films such as the upcoming Baywatch reboot and the next Fast 8 – just to name a couple. However, he hasn’t let a jamp-packed slate slow him down from saying yes to new projects. The news broke recently that he would soon front an original Die Hard-type thriller set in China, and we’ve just learned the title of the upcoming adventure. From comedy to action, lately it seems as though Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been busy over the last few years.

According to a new report from THR, it seems that we now know the title of The Rock’s latest Die Hard-esque thriller: Skyscraper. The project will apparently be a single-location thriller (hence the Die Hard comparisons) following The Rock’s character as he embarks on an undisclosed mission. Skyscraper’s plot remains firmly under wraps, but the reports indicate that the movie also pays significant homage to the 1974 classic disaster movie The Towering Inferno. It’s not much to go by, but it very clearly sounds like it’s up The Rock’s alley.

It’s been quite some time since Hollywood dusted off the Die Hard business model. Back in the 1990s, it seemed like every studio wanted to get in on the single-location action thriller. From Under Siege to Passenger 57 to Speed, the concept of an everyman protagonist stranded in a single location and pitted against a superior enemy force has almost always resonated with audiences. The Rock seems wholeheartedly intent on taking this formula to the next level by combining it with elements of the classic disaster genre that characterized the 1970s, and we are completely on-board.

Skyscraper is an enormous project that matches the insane stature of its lead actor. The initial THR report regarding the project revealed that the script alone sold for at least $3 million. Ultimately, Legendary won the bidding war, and one can reasonably assume that it will enter pre-production as soon as The Rock manages to find time in his busy schedule to get it produced.

One of the biggest reasons for the remarkable buzz surrounding Skyscraper is the simple fact that it’s one of the few original projects to sell for such a high figure in recent memory. Although he has become known as “franchise Viagra” in recent years, The Rock has also made a strong name for himself as one of the few remaining action stars who can front a wholly original project. Skyscraper takes ample inspiration from numerous iconic genres and movies, but at the end of the day it also happens to represent an original script in an industry characterized by sequels and adaptations.

We will keep you up to date regarding all of the latest and greatest details related to Skyscraper as they become available to us. With the promise of something intense and original, we cannot wait to smell what The Rock is cooking.