Aldi superstore’s horror after ‘part of roof falls on top of mum’ leaving her covered in blood

Partial roof collapse at Aldi in Widnes

The scene in Aldi’s car park after a partial roof collapse at the Widnes store

A shopper has spoken about the shocking scene she was faced with minutes after the incident at the store in Widnes. A mum was left with blood pouring from her head after a roof at an Aldi store apparently collapsed on top of her.

Emma Robin-DJ Pickford said her children were upset after they saw the injured woman, believed to be in her 40s, bleeding and looking dazed on the pavement.

The mum-of-four, who had popped to the store at about 11.45am this morning, said it was “quite shocking to see.”

Emma, who said she knew the woman and saw her son at the scene, said: “I saw a woman sat upright and conscious but full of blood, being tended to by a member of Aldi staff holding a compress on the lady’s bloodied head and a PCSO officer was with her too.

Partial roof collapse at Aldi in Widnes

What looks like a missing part of the roof following the incident in Widnes, Cheshire

“It was quite shocking to see and my kids were upset and really worried for the lady involved.

“I was surprised they were only just cordoning off the area when I came out the store – it must’ve been about 5 or ten minutes.

“The lady was still right under the roof still – I was surprised they hadn’t moved her.”

Emma also said she thought the store had done some work to the roof in the past week.

She added: “I just thought what if a young child had been walking under there – it could’ve been really bad.”

Another shopper Clairey Harper spoke about how she saw the roof collapse.


Aldi in Widnes

Shopper Clairey Harper said she had never seen so much blood


Writing on Facebook, she said: “I popped into Aldi Widnes (and) as we were leaving, we witnessed a third (literally a third) of the roof fall onto the pavement.

“As if that wasn’t shocking enough, unfortunately a woman had been hit by the tumbling rocks/slate.

“I’ve never seen so much blood in real life.

“It seems like she, like us, heard the noise of the roof falling, and looked up, as it was her head and nose, and teeth which was mostly damaged.”

Partial roof collapse at Aldi in Widnes
Mum-of-four Emma Robin-DJ Pickford said her children were upset after the incident

An Aldi spokeswoman said: “A woman was taken to hospital following an incident outside our Widnes store this morning.

“We immediately launched an investigation into what happened and are now working closely with the relevant authorities.”

A Health and Safety Executive spokeswoman said the matter would be being investigated by Halton Borough Council or Widnes and Runcorn Council but neither were available for comment.

The Mirror Online has contacted North West Ambulance Service and Cheshire Fire Brigade for comment.