How Much Is The Disney x Coach Collaboration? You’re Going To Hope A Piece From This Collection

It might be a pretty penny, much to the dismay of your wallet. Coach is pulling out all the stops for their 75th anniversary year celebration, enlisting the help of Mickey to bring out the playfulness of the brand. So how much is the new Disney x Coach collaboration?

The collection is cheeky and whimsical all at once, offering you a line of bags, t-shirts, and leather jackets that feature the well-known silhouette of one Mickey Mouse. Vogue reported, “Sometimes he is offering a thumbs up, sometimes whoops! — he appears to have fallen right through the bag! — and sometimes, despite being a California native, he is giving you a Bronx cheer.” Where did the inspiration for these particular designs come from?

Stuart Vevers, the executive creative director of Coach, told Vogue that he pulled inspo from the Mickey of the ’70s and ’80s, opting for more edge rather than the wholesome goodness of the classical mouse. He shared, “Madonna with the ears, Emilio Estevez in The Outsiders. Something tougher!”

Something tougher, but still merged with the iconic silhouettes of Coach bags, Mickey gracing the styles of “the classic Saddle; the Dinky, a small zip-top number; the Skinny tote, based on a paper bag, now all further enhanced by guess who?”


So how much would a collection like this set you back? While no official prices are known yet, one could assume it will be in the $100 to $1,000 range that is typical for Coach pieces. While that’s a big range to speculate in, it will all depend what item caught your eye. For example, a T-shirt ranges in the upper $200s, while leather jackets hit between the $800s and upper $900s. Purses typically range from $300 to $800, depending what material they come in, and a small wristlettes usually clocks in at around $100. And that’s without the anniversary twist added to them.

If you’re one that likes to save their money and invest it in a designer piece then this collection is a total winner, but one thing that we can probably expect is that it will have designer prices.

Regardless of the price tag, though, you have to love the inspiration for the collaboration. Vevers shared, “Mickey Mouse is one of my earliest memories of American pop — his nostalgic charm, cheekiness, individuality and inherent cool make for the ultimate American icon. I’ve always seen Mickey as a playful rebel at heart and a timeless symbol of joy and creativity. That spirit reinforces the new youthful perspective we are bringing to luxury at Coach.”

Now all you have to do is wait till June 17th to shop the collection!

Images: Coach (4)