How To Cover Vitiligo Patches On Your Arms Legs For A Special Summer Event

It’s around this time that figuring out how towatchnreplica cover vitiligo patches on your arms and legs might feel of utmost importance. Unlike those easy days in the winter, during which you cancarelessly pile on layer after layer, the weather picking up most often means that your attention turns to clothing that will help keep you cool.

If you have vitiligo, you’ll likely understand when I say that thesummer season can be filled with dread. Thud. Thud. Thud. Hear that? It’s the soundof my heart rate rocketing.

Shorts? Yep. Skirts?Naturally. Sleeveless shirts? You bet. Of course, the downside to this is thosenot-so-subtle vitiligo patches that are lurking on your limbs. For many of us, they’re the cause of far too much worrying and endless cursingat summer dresses that are just far too “revealing.” I know the feeling. I’vebeen there. Particularly when I’m attempting to get dressed up for a summertime occasion. Take weddings or a festival, for instance. No thanks.

That’s why I’ve puttogether a flaw-proof way to conceal them.  Not only is it easy to do — take it from someone who often gets eyeliner and cream eyeshadow muddled up — but it’s also affordable. Unlike some tutorials for which you need specialist productslike leg and body cover-up cream, this how-to includes basic cosmetics you’llalready own. Let’s get started.

What You’ll Need

To concealvitiligo patches on your arms and legs, you’ll need the following.

  • Razor
  • Body scrub
  • Fake tanning lotion
  • Your usualfoundation or concealer
  • A foundationor concealer that’s two shades darker than your usual one
  • BeautyBlender
  • Hairspray

1. Prep Your Legs

Start bypreparing your legs or arms. Just like your face, the products you’re going toapply will have an even finish if there’s nothing getting in their way. Thiscould be anything from hair to chapped, dry skin.

Typically when I use thisbeauty hack, I’ll shave the area I want to cover before applying a body scrubto exfoliate the skin.

2. Create A Glow

Chancesare you want to look like you’ve spent the weekend at St. Bart’s, as opposed tocooped up in your dorm studying. It’s summer, after all. Once I’ve exfoliatedmy skin, I start faking a glow.

As I live in England, where our standardweather is gray and dismal, and I’m thoroughly against tanning beds, for methis involves fake tanning lotion. That said, if you don’t mind looking a little pasty or happen to livesomeplace sunny anyway, thenfeel free to skip this step.

3. Mix Together Your Foundations Or Concealers

Whether youuse foundation or concealer will depend on the products’ coverage. Those whohave a lightweight foundation might want to use their concealer, since typically itwill be thicker and offer a bulkier build. How else is it suppose to tackleacne and blemishes?

On the other hand, if your foundation is already highcoverage, opt for that. Here, I’m mixing two foundations together to create asimilar color to my pins.

4. Dab, Dab, Dab Away

Once you’vemixed together your foundation or concealer, grab your Beauty Blender. You caneither use the original or a thrifty DIY alternative.

Pop some of the productonto the blender before dabbing it on the patch you’re trying to conceal. Aimto do this in a stippling motion, as opposed to large sweeps. This will allowyou to build coverage if needed.

5. Add Another Layer

Wait until the first coat of foundation or concealer is dry. If you feel it’s necessary, then you can add another, like I’m doing here.

6. Set It In Place

Once you’rehappy with the coverage, set everything in place with a squirt of hairspray.Although hairspray shouldn’t be applied on your face since it contains lacquersand alcohol that can dry out skin, it’s OK to use it on your arms and legs. Justmake sure you remove it with makeup remover or a face wipe once the evening isover.

Before And After

And there wehave it: An easy way to cover vitiligo patches for a summer event. As you can see from the photo above, my vitiligo patches on my left leg are pretty much hidden.

Sure, it’snot a long-term fix, but it does the job and will hopefully give you a boost ofconfidence for your special occasion. Whether you’re attending a wedding, BBQ, or summertime drinks on a roof top bar, you can now enjoy getting ready.

Images: Emma Matthews