How To Hide Bug Bites On Your Face This Summer

If you’re not sure how to hide bug bites on your face, you might want to check out these tips before summer hits. If you get bit, you want to be prepared. There’s nothing fun about getting bug bites — they itch, they burn, they’re completely painful — but most of all, they’re not cute. It’s one thing if you get them on your legs, but bug bites on your face are an entirely different story.

Naturally, you want to do everything you can to prevent bug bites in the first place, but if you do end up getting bit, you have to move on to plan B: covering them. You can wear long-sleeves or pants to hide bites on your arms and body, but when bites pop up on your face? That’s pretty frustrating, especially if you’re traveling or doing something where pictures are likely to be taken. Ugh.

But don’t despair, because as it turns out, it’s totally OK to use makeup on bites, you just want to make sure they aren’t scratched open/bleeding, because that could increase the risk of infection. If you’re all good, though, then here are a few tips to help cover up bug bites on your face.

1. Tackle The Bump

Cortisone Cream; $7.99;

Before you get into makeup, you want to try to bring down the size of the bite, because that’s the kind of thing makeup can’t always hide. Apply an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to the bite to help bring down the swelling.

2. Deal With The Redness

Cover FX, $18,

Bug bites can be bright red, so you want to counteract that with a green-tone concealer first.

3. Bring In Your Concealer

Born This Way Concealer, $28,

After you’ve dealt with the redness, you can apply your regular concealer on top of the green concealer to help blend with your skin tone.

4. Always Make Sure Your Fingers Are Clean

When trying to cover your bites, always make sure your fingers/brushes are clean to avoid any chance of infection.

Images: Target; Sephora; Pexels; Fototalia; Isla Murray/Bustle