How To Wash Your Face Properly Due To It’s Not As Simple As Rinse Go

Try as youmight, you may not be getting it exactly right. So, let’s got back to thebasics here because if you’re doing at least this part right, you’ll likely seetremendous improvement in your skin. Here are the right way to wash your face,according to skincare expert and Head Aesthetician of Face Place Tony Silla. It’s a little more complicated than just tossing some cleanser on your cheeks!  OK, let’s be honest. Skincare can be tricky.

A proper face wash is all about deep cleansing while beinggentle on the skin. For instance, if you’re washing away makeup, Sillarecommends using a cleansing milk and then following with a face wash. Thecleansing milk will gently remove makeup, especially if you massage it into theskin. That way, there are no harsh chemicals or motions involved that would tugat sensitive areas, around the eyes, for example.

And while Silla does recommend this two-part method forwashing away makeup at night, it is possible to over-wash. “You will disrupt the skins natural PH byover-washing,” Silla explains in an email. “If you have to wash more thantwice a day, be sure you are using a very gentle cleanser.” Noted!

If this isnews to you (don’t worry, you’re not the only one!) keep reading to find outsome basic dos and don’ts of keeping your skin clean and beautiful. These maybe rudimentary skincare tips, but they’re definitely not common knowledge. So,let’s see how this whole face washing thing is meant to be done, shall we?

1. Do Use Cleansing Milk To Remove Makeup

Cleansing Milk, $32, Face Place

A cleansing milk will be gentle on the skin and remove makeup, making it a great first step in the face washing routine. Silla recommends using this over micellar water. It can be used without water, the same was as micellar cleansers can, if you’re in a bind.

2. Don’t Use Bar Soap

Whatever you do, don’t reach for your typical bar soap when cleansing the face. “Traditional soap is very drying on the skin,” Silla says. “Your skin will immediately feel tight. Typically, the PH is too high to be used on the face, and this really dries the skin out.”

3. Do Wash Your Face In The Shower, But Carefully

Silla says it’s OK to wash your face in the shower, as long as you’re still getting a deep cleaning. Don’t let that face cleanser get washed away too quickly! Your best bet is to “dampen your face and then emulsify a small amount of face wash in your hands and over your face, ensuring you are massaging thoroughly all over your face and neck.”

4. Don’t Over-Wash

Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, $37, Sephora

As previously mentioned, don’t wash your face more than two times a day. If for some reason you need to because of a workout session or squelching summer heat, be sure you’re using a gentle cleanser that won’t dry out the skin.

5. Do Use A Mitt

Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Loofa Facial Mitt, $3.75, Kohl’s

Silla recommends using a mitt to remove your face wash for a super deep cleanse. “For a thorough cleanse, a face wash or a cleansing milk removed with a mitt will still give a far greater result, if you want to look after your skin,” he says.

6. Do Exfoliate

First Thing First Face Scrub, $25, Sephora

Twice a week, you should be exfoliating before washing your face to remove any dead skin, that way, according to Silla, you’ll be able to clean the healthy skin underneath.

If Silla could give one last piece of advice, he’d urge you to remember that when it comes to skincare, “consistency gives results.”

So, here’s to improving your face washing routine and then keeping it consistent. Practice makes perfect, especially it comes to skincare, and these dos and don’ts should make you a face-washing pro!

Images: nostri-imago/Flickr (1); Courtesy Brands (4)