Kathleen Light’s Nail art! You’ll Love These Colors

YouTube Videos Blog Beautiful Kathleen Fuentes Openly known as Kathleen Lights, teases us about the idea that she might create a nail polish. Not only teasing, see Poland KL nail polish collection available for shopping Monday, December 5!

Filled with warm neutral colors and vibrant pigments, the Polish KL collects all the colors you never thought you wanted, or needed. The first collection contains six different colors to choose from: “Caramello”, Mustard, “Brick sidewalk,” a neutral red, “Zoe,” Shadow Pink, “Snickerdoodle,” Light Beige, “Broccoli & Chocolate “, Dark brown, and” aggressive “, a dark, cobalt-blue. These colors are mild but still bright enough to draw anyone’s attention to the waves with your fingers. Fuentes think of all the shades of your beautiful closet missing so you do not have to. The best part of each color flatter all the different skin tones.

You can get your favorite, or all of them, and they are affordable enough to make you look for yourself and your friends – during the given season! Wear a look at every day, or go out to play at night. These colors will come to the fore.

Fuentes also released a video to announce the launch!


A chocolate brown is something I had never thought of for my nails.


It’s the perfect red.


Gumption is my personal favorite.


Anyone feel like baking while wearing this one?


The prettiest pink that isn’t too girly.


This mustard color is the color of fall.

These colors look are fantastic for the fall and winter seasons.

Which color would you choose?