Kiefer Sutherland Actually Could Reprise Jack Bauer on 24: Legacy

According to Deadline, “the character feels alive,” but is unsure if a re-appearance would happen in a future movie or the new series. Indeed: writers would first have to cross the hurdle of springing Bauer from the clink, since he was being flown to a Russian prison for his crimes at the end of 24: Live Another Day.

Kiefer Sutherland “hasn’t ruled out” reprising his famed Jack Bauer role for the new series, 24: Legacy executive producer Howard Gordon said at ATX Festival in Austin, Texas.

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The possibly of Bauer’s return is doubly surprising since some viewers erroneously perceive Sutherland’s new ABC drama, Designated Survivor, as “Jack Bauer as POTUS.” But Survivor is more of a political drama that won’t see the gun-wielding Sutherland audience have come to know over the last decade and a half. So a return to Bauer would be a nice change of pace from the version of Kiefer we’re going to start getting in the fall.

It also remains unknown if ABC plans on running the series for a full 22-episode season, or a short order 13-episode season. If it’s the former, Sutherland wouldn’t have much time to appear on the new 24, but if it’s the latter, there might be just enough room in the actor’s schedule to make it happen.

Do you think it’s time to let Jack rest easy in prison, or does he need to get back in the action again?