Kim Kardashian Lets This ’90s Workout Staple Look So High Fashion

Kim Kardashian just wore biker shorts in a super chic way, and I’mshocked by how incredible it looks. You think after awhile I’d be like, “Ohyeah, whatever. That’s just Kim K doing what she does best.” But, let’s face it.I’ll never not get excited about whateverit is she puts on. This woman has definitely been known to make a statement withher fashion, but even still, she never ceases to amaze me with what she’ll comeup with next.

So, in case you’re wondering if wearing spandex workout gearas an outfit is a thing now, like I was when I first saw her look, I’d have to saythat it most definitely is. And if you’re still feeling a little skeptical, Idon’t blame you, but just wait until you see her latest outfit.

She paired her biking shorts with a white Henley style top, and in typical Kim K fashion, she threw on an amazing studded leatherjacket, as well. She topped it all off with a pair of red heels and a trendy chokernecklace. All in all, this equals one incredibly stunning spandex creation. OnlyKardashian could think up something thisgood. Bring on the biker shorts because I’m convinced that this is the new look.

Teach me your ways, Kim K! Because, seriously. Who knew biker shorts could look this good?

Here’s what you’ll need to copy her vibe:

1. A Leather Jacket

Rock The Moto Cropped Jacket, $68.60, Nasty Gal

A leather jacket with silver hardware will give you all of the tough-girl feels.

2. A Lace Bra

Yes Please Demi Halter Bra, $68, Gooseberry Intimates

Kim K seems to have a little bit of lace peeking through the top of her white shirt, and I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to add some delicate lace to this edgy look, now would it?

3. A White Buttoned Top

Buttoned Polo, $16.99, Forever 21+

An unbuttoned white top will add a sexy feel to this laid-back but oh-so stylish outfit.

4. Some Spandex Shorts

Gaiam Om Yoga Shorts, $24.99, Kohl’s

High-waisted spandex cropped leggings will help you complete Kardashian’s sporty-chic ensemble.

5. A Choker Necklace

Satin Choker Necklace, $8.50, ASOS

Oh yeah, and you can’t forget the most trendy element of all.

6. A Pair Of Red Heels

Guest List Party Heel, $54.40, Nasty Gal

It wouldn’t be a Kim K outfit recreation without a pair of killer heels, you know?

Now that you know how to wear your spandex in a non-workout kind of way, get out there and slay!

Images: Courtesy Brands (6)