Kim Kardashian Said You Need This ONE Summer Staple In Your Wardrobe — PHOTOS

Even this fashion icon loves a little summer white in her life. Kim Kardashian approves of wearing acrisp white shirt during the warmer months according to her website. There’s no denying that aclassic button down is a good style move. There are certain items that your wardrobe just can’t dowithout, and this is definitely one of them.

Part of what makes them so great is how versatile they are.They can be worn by themselves, used as a base for ‘90s layering, paired with askirt or worn with shorts — you name it and you can do it with a white buttondown. It’ll instantly give any look more of a dressed-up feel, so it makes foran excellent lazy-girl styling hack. Don’t feel like taking longer than twominutes to get dressed? Then your summer wardrobe needs to be ripped denim anda white shirt. Done and done.

Of course, Kardashian encourages you to wear this basicpiece in an “unconventional” way in a post on her website. But, whether you gofor out of the box silhouettes or no, there’s really no going wrong with a toplike this. See some of the best styles to shop for summer because it this isn’tin your closet by now, well, it’s high time you get it in there!

There’s no wrong way to wear this, that’s for sure.

1. Sleeveless

Zipper-Pocket Top, $22.90, Forever 21+

Stay ultra cool with a sleeveless button down option.

2. Pleated Detail

Slim Boyfriend White Shirt With Pleat Back Detail, $41, ASOS

A little bit of fun detail in the back will mix up your classic look.

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3. Cropped

Crop Top, $29.90, Zara

A cropped button down is going to look incredible with those high-waisted jeans of yours.

4. Satin

Silence + Noice Modern Button-Down Blouse, $29.99, Urban Outfitters

A soft, satin finish will make you never want to take this top off. Good thing you were planning on wearing it all summer long anyways, right?

5. Edgy

Junarose Long Sleeve Shirt With Zip Pocket Detail, $25.50, ASOS Curve

Adding a little bit of edginess to a classic top couldn’t hurt. If it suits your style, throw this on with your best leather booties and you’re good to go!

6. Classic

The 3/4 Sleeve Signature Shirt, $49.95, Lane Bryant

You can easily transition a classic white button down from the office to drinks because it’s just that versatile and stylish.

7. Boxy

Turn-Up Sleeve Shirt, $35.90, Zara

A loose-fitting shirt will only add to your relaxed, but chic vibes.

Might as well get one of each of these styles for all of your summer dressing needs.

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)