Kirsten Dunst Wore Real Flowers As Earrings To The CFDAs

According to Us Weekly, the actor wore actual flowers as earrings, and they are maybe the coolest accessory I’ve seen on the red carpet to date. If you’re kind of over flower crowns, but still want a way to incorporate fresh blooms into your summer accessory rotation, then you absolutely have to see Kirsten Dunst’s orchid earrings.

Dunst can always be counted on to bring her style A-game, take risks, and push things to the next-level, and her latest red carpet look is definitely her most creative yet. The 34-year-old stepped out for the CFDA Awards on Monday, wearing actual flowers in her ears. And yes, it’s as gorgeous as it sounds.

The Fargo star wore live, purple orchids as earrings, attached to a gold chain with yellow orchids on the end. And they’re so cool, they’re going to make you want to run out to the garden and hand-make your earrings from now on.

But as boho as this all sounds, the earrings actually looked seriously chic and elegant, thanks to her Old Hollywood-esque styling, proving that this trend can definitely be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion or event you’re going to wear them at.

They’re even better when you see them up close:

Hands down, the best accessory for summer, ever.

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