Lauren Graham Hopes the Whole World to Binge Gilmore Girls

In a new video, Lauren Graham reveals that Netflix is making all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls available to stream internationally starting July 1.

Gilmore Girls is going global!

In the video, Graham stands in front of Stars Hollow’s iconic gazebo, which is more than enough to give any Gilmore fan some major feels. But while it’s great news that all 153 episodes will now be available to every Netflix subscriber, what we’re really waiting for is a premiere date for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

The four-part revival will debut on Netflix later this year, so an announcement can’t be too far away. Until then, we’ll just have to keep re-watching the old episodes, because Gilmore Girls is far more than a show.


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  • 24. Jason Stiles (Chris Eigeman)

    Being quirky is not a fault in the world of Gilmore Girls. In fact, it’s preferred! But there is something about how Jason’s particular eccentricities, combined with his smug, rich lifestyle, that rubbed us the wrong way. Plus, who sues their girlfriend’s father? So not cool, Jason.

    Photo By: Netflix