Marvel Movies : Get the Best Experience Doctor Strange’s in Full IMAX Glory

Doctor Strange

You would get the best experience at Doctor Strange‘s visuals in full IMAX glory next month.

Marvel announced today that it’s hosting the Marvel Studios’ Expand Your Mind: An IMAX(r) 3D Exclusive First Look at 115 theaters in North America on October 10 at 7 p.m. The presentation will screen 15 minutes of never-before-seen footage. The tickets are free, but they’re being distributed on a first come, first serve basis in the U.S. and Canada, so you’d be wise to hurry if you’re eager to see this Doctor Strange footage nearly a month before the movie is released. Those who attend will also receive a limited-edition Doctor Strange IMAX poster. Director Scott Derrickson also said this about the movie’s completed IMAX sequences.

As a movie fan, I am thrilled to take audiences along on the visual journey of ‘Doctor Strange’ and give them an early peek at what we’ve been working on. The completed film will feature more than an hour of specially formatted IMAX sequences that will provide audiences with a totally immersive—and mind-blowing—film-going experience and I’m excited to share a taste of that with our fans on 10/10.

After nearly a decade of existence, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a household name among both hardcore comic book fans and casual viewers. Other than the standard previews and marketing, it’s not like they’re obligated to do anything else to get folks to flock to theaters. Still, the fact that the studio is holding a special event to show special Doctor Strange footage is a cool gesture, although when you think about it, it was probably a wise decision. Like Ant-Man last year, Doctor Strange is a lesser-known superhero, and his story is also pulling the curtain back on a corner of the MCU that’s barely been explored. This extra footage might help sway some who are on the fence over to the side of the Sorcerer Supreme. Oh, and of course, give the diehard Doctor Strange fans something to chew on a few weeks early.

After getting caught in a car accident that damages his hands and cuts short his surgical career, Doctor Strange will follow Stephen Strange in search of a way to return his life to the way is was, but instead traveling down a new path; a magical path. Studying under The Ancient One, Mordo and Wong, he’ll learn how to manifest special mystical abilities, from teleportation to conjuring energy whips. He’ll soon put these new powers to the test battling Kaecilius and his followers.