Who Is The Masked Hero In The ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special Trailer?

The ghosts of Christmas past, future, and present are all busy this time of year, but The Ghost is a new face ready to make a splash on Doctor Who this Christmas. The Doctor is ready for yet another disastrous Christmas — this time in New York City — and the latest trailer for the Christmas special focuses on a superhero named The Ghost, who might just give the Doctor some serious competition in the saving the world department. Played by Justin Chatwin of Shameless fame, The Ghost in the Doctor Who trailer is a mysterious caped hero whose talents include rescuing journalists and being maddeningly vague about his intentions.

I hope I can tell you the new trailer revealed, but the doctor’s latest friend (or he is the enemy?) Is mysterious. The storyline is called “The Return of the Doctor’s Divisions”, in addition to the astonishing comic style of the name, it is also recommended that the physician division doctors have seen the person. Ghost teacher may be a doctor. So people rarely know cloak of the Crusaders at this time everything is possible.

The tiny information between the trailer and the BBC has been distributed, and it appears the doctor, his temporary companion Nardole, the ghost, and journalist Lucy Fletcher are both standing in New York City and alien attacks. Given that similar ghosts are superman it is impossible not to know that he himself is an alien. Time lords are not just aliens They share the amazing resemblance to humans, maybe ghosts come from a planet Flying and save the world as trivial events Give him time to travel Yes See a doctor.

Doctors are usually the only superhero of the universe needed, so seeing him face the traditional superhero is funny. Trailers, doctors and ghosts exchange names, and skeptics looking at Peter Capaldi’s ghost country, his nickname is priceless. Doctor Christmas special tone very different tone, but I think it is safe this other than comedy.

No matter who or what The Ghost turns out be, Chatwin is clearly having a ball playing a Superman/Batman hybrid alongside Capaldi’s Doctor. Mixing a bit of superhero action into the already endlessly strange and wondrous world of Doctor Who is going to be an amazing Christmas gift to the fans. Come for the mystery of the masked vigilante honing in on the Doctor’s hero territory and stay for the exciting romp that is sure to follow. Doctor Who always delivers the best Christmas specials, and this year’s is sure to keep the tradition going strong.