Mayor attempted to sell beautiful cash-strapped town to Chinese investors on Facebook


San Sossio Baronia (Avellino, Italy) – A view of the little town in Irpinia

Citing a “perennial lack of funds,” he has resorted to Facebook to try and find someone willing to buy the town. You have to feel for Francesco Garofalo, the mayor of a beautiful mountain village in the heart of rural Italy.

He posted a plea on the social network, asking for wealthy Chinese investors to come and “take over” the town of San Sossio Baronia.

“Aaaaaa… Cause perennial lack of funds (money) seeking wealthy Chinese investor willing to take over the town of s. Sossio Baronia….. Looking for the office of mayor,” he wrote on his own Facebook page.

The town has around 1,700 inhabitants and – as Garofalo points out in the comments section – is a lot cheaper than buying Inter or AC Milan.

Garofalo has been mayor for seven years and has reiterated to Italian media that the offer is genuine.

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Like other rural Italian towns, San Sossio Baronia is suffering from economic hardship and migration.

While it doesn’t have a great amount of financial resources, its enterprising mayor believes it has potential if marketed as a tourist destination.

It’s not clear yet whether any wealthy Chinese individuals are in the market for a picturesque Italian village.

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