Mum-of-five wrote touching Facebook post on how she helped young mother and baby having ‘meltdown’ at Mothercare

Facebook / Rachele Hambleton
Rachele Hambleton

In the inspirational post, Rachaele Hambleton, from Devon, explains how she ‘popped’ into the store to quickly use the toilets, before heading back to her car. A mum-of-five has written a touching Facebook post describing how she helped a young mother after her newborn baby had an enormous ‘meltdown’ at Mothercare .

But as she was preparing to leave, she spotted a stressed-out 23-year-old mother whose baby was ‘having one of the best newborn meltdowns I’ve ever heard’.

The young woman had travelled to the shop in a desperate bid to buy nappies and spare clothes after her baby had pooed through his vest and babygro, Rachaele writes.

She also needed to buy nursing pads because her breasts had started leaking.

Facebook / Rachele Hambleton
In the inspirational post, she describes how she helped a young mum after her baby had a 'meltdown' at Mothercare
In the inspirational post, she describes how she helped a young mum after her baby had a ‘meltdown’ at Mothercare

However, the woman was struggling to get her pram out of her boot – to the point that she appeared to be ‘on the verge of just reversing over it’.

Meanwhile, her child was ‘screaming with starvation’ in front of other drivers and shoppers.

So, in a heart-warming move to help the new mum, Rachaele says she ‘marched’ into Mothercare, where she bought breast pads, nappies and a baby vest.

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She then returned to the car park and helped the woman to scrape poo out of the car seat with wet wipes, before chatting with her about the hardships of being a mother.

“This 23 year old beautiful girl was having a massive, ‘What the f*** have I done?’ moment,” Rachaele writes in the post, published on her Facebook page , ‘Part-time Working Mummy’.

“She’d stormed out on her boyfriend because he hurled the word ‘depressed’ at her in an argument…she decided to show him that he could go f*** himself and clean the house that he keeps moaning isn’t tidy enough….so off she went with her 8 week old baby boy……

Facebook / Rachele Hambleton
Rachaele, pictured with her family, runs the Facebook page 'Part-time Working Mummy'
Rachaele, pictured with her family, runs the Facebook page ‘Part-time Working Mummy’

“Only she started driving and realised she had forgotten nappies…and spare clothes…her baby had then done a thunder s*** through his vest & his babygro, which was now on the car seat…He was desperate for a feed and because of his screams her boobs were now leaking through her bra…

“So she had driven straight to Mothercare – because somehow the thought of buying him new clothes and herself breast pads then trying to change this s*** covered baby and clean down a car seat whilst he was screaming with starvation in front of a shop full of people was better than going home and facing the feeling of being even more of a failure to her partner.”

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Rachaele says that while everyone else in the car park pretended they ‘couldn’t see’ the young mum and drove off, she decided to try and help her.

“I marched into Mothercare and bought breast pads, nappies and an (sic) vest and I went back out to the car and we nailed sorting the baby together,” she writes.

She adds that the woman’s struggles reminded her of when she welcomed her own daughter, Betsy, into the world at 22 – something that turned her whole world ‘on its head’.

The mum-of-five says everyone else in the car park pretended they 'couldn't see' the young woman and drove off
The mum-of-five says everyone else in the car park pretended they ‘couldn’t see’ the young woman and drove off (file picture)

“I remember feeling like I was failing every single day,” she writes.

“I remember never experiencing anger like it at everyone but her…. for being asked why I hadn’t managed to run the hoover round, or when my mum started moaning about my dog being full of germs and getting too close to her, or my mother-in-law for asking why her cradle cap hadn’t cleared itself up yet….all the people that assume you’re ‘just coping’ and cannot fathom out why when they ask you what they deem to be a ‘simple question’ it sends you over the edge. ”

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After chatting with the new mum, Rachaele says it became clear she just needed some ‘love and support’ from her partner, family and friends.

“She needs to be able to sit on her bathroom floor and sob to the point she’s being so dramatic she’s hyperventilating about how she’s ruined her whole life, then half an hour later when she is crying with laughter at Gavin and Stacey she needs her partner not to ask if she thinks she could be Bipolar,” she writes.

Facebook / Rachele Hambleton
Rachaele (pictured) says it was clear the new mum just needed some 'love and support' from her relatives
Rachaele (pictured) says it was clear the new mum just needed some ‘love and support’ from her relatives

“Her family need to listen to her breakdown about the fact she feels like broken glass is slicing her nipples off every time she latches the baby on to feed…

“They DO NOT need to offer to go to Sainsburys and buy her a box of SMA because they think its clear ‘breastfeeding isn’t for her’.”

At the end of the chat, Rachaele says she assured the woman that her struggles are only temporary – and that her child will quickly grow up.

However, she also realised herself that no matter what age your child is, they always be your ‘baby’ and will affect your life forever.

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“We worked out together, it’s hard…whether your baby is 30 minutes old or 30 years, they are your baby…for life…and once they come into this world everything’s changed….forever,” she writes.

“But each stage you feel that you will never get through is temporary, so don’t let it break you.”

Rachaele, who lives near Teignmouth, describes herself on Facebook as ‘a part-time working mummy to biological children, step children & apparently everyone else’s children.’

Her Mothercare post has already been shared nearly 150,000 times on the social network, with many users relating to the anonymous new mum’s struggles.

Rachaele hit the headlines earlier this year after writing another public post to a stranger ‘with crazy blonde curly hair’ whom she had watched on the school run for 10 years.

She said the woman had inspired her to change her own life by cutting down on her working hours so she could spend more time with her children.

In response, the stranger, named Naomi, told Rachaele she felt ‘very honored to have made a difference to your life without even knowing it’.