Natalie Portman Is Sick Of Movies About White Men

Natalie Portman’s turn as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis already   looks like a blockbuster. Why is it so? Her star qualities are rare, and she not only looks good, but her talent left the project to smell like rosy burning wreckage. She was even in the “Phantom Menace” good.

Now, prove her Harvard origin and natural wisdom has not become slow, life in the spotlight.

Specifically, she says, Jackie reminds her of better times: when Hollywood movies are white outside of things. She told New York, “There’s such a strong female character.” Her examples are Sunset Boulevard and Mani, two movies on a woman’s speeding sensible cliff.

“Even though they occasionally make sexist comments, they still have a central female character,” Portman told the magazine. “Now I think the movies are white, and then get some information about women, happened.”

She certainly makes sense, especially after the 2016 # OscarsSoWhite controversy, you know, the election thing.

Jackie, that commitment is a step backwards. The film is a public courage to celebrate with a woman a country could rupture after her husband was assassinated. Portman played the role and calm, the audience with her like to refuse to remove a fit to contaminate her husband’s blood.

This advantage will be played on her next project: a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg. No pressure.