Netflix has listened and it’s bringing us the feature we’ve always wanted


In fact, Netflix and its ability to let you binge-watch episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Arrested Development is only soured because you have to always have an internet connection. When you meet someone who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription and doesn’t understand your House of Cards , Bojack Horseman or Orange is the New Black references, it’s unnerving.

Well, if Netflix’s plans pan out, that won’t be the case for much longer.

According to Gizmodo , Netflix is working on a “download-and-go” video feature, similar to that of BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video.

While there’s been whisperings around such a feature for a while, industry sources confirmed its impending arrival to LightReading , a communications trade publication.

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It seems that the COO of Penthera – a mobile video company – and an analyst at Frost & Sullivan have corroborated the rumour stating that it’s an “open secret” in the industry.

Bringing video downloading to Netflix would certainly be a welcome addition.

It’d mean no more worrying if you’ll have enough signal on your train journey to watch your way through the latest season of Orange Is the New Black , or filling your iPad up with dubiously acquired films for that long plane flight.

Orange is the new black - Season 4

As Gizmodo points out, Netflix is certainly late to the game if it makes the move into offline video, however Netflix’s 81-million-strong user base gives it the clout to really change how we digest on-demand content.

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The biggest issue in the way of Netflix’s offline plans is what happens with content rights and crossing borders?

If Amazon can find a way around the issue, it’s likely Netflix will too.

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