Resurgence Video Explores A Devastated Las Vegas – New Independence Day

The once-glittering haven of gambling and other pleasures was basically wiped off the map, but that didn’t destroy its spirit. 20 years later, the city has been reborn in a special way, and you can check out what it has to offer before the events of Independence Day: Resurgence. Humanity may have overcome the alien invaders in 1996’s Independence Day, but that didn’t sweeping up the destruction left behind from their attack. Many cities were destroyed, including Las Vegas.

“Paid for” by the Las Vegas Tourism Board, this Independence Day: Resurgence video from Motherboard features a new Las Vegas that’s enticing people to vacation there after its rebranding. The first offering: outdoor gambling. Just like Las Vegas pre-1996 in this universe, visitors can play blackjack, craps and a number of other games, only these tables and machines were excavated from the ruins of the alien attack and refurbished. Tourists can now enjoy them outside in the midst of old Las Vegas’ ruins. Okay, so setting aside, this admittedly doesn’t sound much different from regular Las Vegas. Just wait, it gets better.

The new Las Vegas also boasts a gun range where visitors can shoot at alien targets under the guidance of “Ruin Rangers.” A standard package includes conventional weaponry, but if you buy the “War of ’96” package, you can use guns enhanced with alien technology. The new Las Vegas is also still a prime destination to get married, only like with the gambling areas, it will be outside among the ruins. On the bright side, at least an Elvis impersonator can still perform the ceremony near one of the chapel remains. There is also a memorial dedicated to those who perished fighting the aliens two decades ago.

While it remains to be seen whether Independence Day: Resurgence will experience the same kind of success as its predecessor, the movie has done an terrific job with its viral material over the last several months. Whether it’s the documentary explaining how Earth’s technology improved after the War of ’96 or Earth Space Defense head David Levinson chatting with actor Jeff Goldblum (in others words, a Goldblum/Goldblum conversation), these videos have painted a better picture of what the Independence Day Earth is like, and Las Vegas is the latest example of what’s different following the invasion. Granted, if you were to go to this version of Las Vegas, it would be more of a “roughing it” kind of trip, as the stylisitc hotels and fancy performance venues haven’t been rebuilt. The narrator even mentions a special two-night tent package at the end of the ad. Still, considering that another alien invasion is on the way, this new Vegas isn’t going to have a lot of time reeling vacationers in before the laser blasts start flying again.

Independence Day: Resurgence will be released in theaters on June 24.