Opulent £11,400 smartphone for the mega-rich boasts ‘military grade security’

Solarin Phone

The uber-expensive Solarin phone

Unsurprisingly, you can’t just wander into the local Carphone Warehouse and pick up one of these spy phones. “Solarin is pioneering uncompromising privacy measures to provide customers with greater confidence and the reassurance necessary to handle business-critical information,” said Tal Cohen, CEO and co-founder of Sirin Labs, the Swiss start-up behind the Solarin phone.

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  • This £10,000 smartphone for the super-rich is NOT about bling and luxury, its creator claims

It’s being stocked only at Harrods and Sirin Labs’ (the start-up that built it) own store in Mayfair.

As well as all the security gubbins, there’s a 4,000mAh battery inside – so it might just last a day or so between charges.

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