People have been falling for this scam and sharing it on Facebook

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When we see something we like on social media and think our friends will enjoy it, too, it’s only natural that we hit that ‘share’ button. Are often seconds away from checking your email, Facebook or Twitter account?

But you might want to think twice before you post, because you could be fooled by the latest social media scam.

A few weeks ago, a scouser in the Mirror Online office noticed an amazing bit of news on their Facebook page – Liverpool women were being dubbed the most beautiful in the world by none other than film star Adam Sandler.

He’d ‘dated a girl from Liverpool years ago’ and liked what he saw when he visited, apparently.

Proud Liverpudlians shared the article on their Facebook pages and other social networks – and rightly so.

Then, today, another member of Mirror staff spotted an article being shared by lots of people from their hometown.

Brilliant news! Robert Downey Junior thinks that women from Hull are the most beautiful women in th- wait, what?

The wording was exactly the same, apart from the names of the celebrity and the town (scroll down to read what they said).

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That can’t be right

And yet, because these articles are being shared in local communities, nobody seems to be cottoning on to the fact they’re fake and there are many versions of them.


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A quick search on Google will throw up multiple results, claiming that Brad Pitt rates women from Gloucester (and New Orleans) and Leonardo DiCaprio likes a lady from Burnaby, British Columbia.

The articles seem to be produced on fake news sites such as and

So if you see something on social media saying some Hollywood star really fancies the women in your hometown, we’re sorry to tell you that it’s probably not true…

Here’s the wording to look out for, using the Adam Sandler example:

“In a radio interview over the weekend Hollywood actor, Adam Sandler claimed that Liverpool, England has the most beautiful women in the world. Why Liverpool? As Adam explained it:

‘I knew a girl from Liverpool, England and I visited her and her family in Liverpool years ago and I thought at the time that maybe she was just an exception but she wasn’t. And I’m not saying that the women there are necessarily more physically beautiful than other women in other places but, from my experience in Liverpool, the women there have the entire package, ya know?

“They’re not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. The girl I knew from Liverpool was sweet, caring, and beautiful all-around and I found that to be the case for a lot of women there.”