What “Terrible Solution” Does Finch Come Up With? – Person of Interest Mega Buzz

For those of you thinking that Finch is going to take extreme measures in the wake of Root’s (Amy Acker) death in last week’s episode, well… you’re right. The only question is, what’s the cost going to be? Time is running out on Person of Interest, so what is Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) going to do?

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“Out of his fear and his anguish and the sense of hopelessness and loss, Mr. Finch … doubles-down and finds a solution that is terrible to him in his heart,” Emerson tells TVGuide.com. “When no other solution is available, even the roughest-looking idea, you may have to go with it. There’s no more time. He runs out of time. He has to do something.”

That sounds ominous, to put it mildly.

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