Who’s Getting Eliminated on The Bachelorette This Week?

His DGAF attitude got inside every other contestant’s head, as well as the head of everyone who watched him smirk his way to a rose. Chad so thoroughly dominated the episode that it’s easy to forget that other things happened. Derek had a boring one-on-one with JoJo and Wells got a pity rose after almost dying during the firefighting group date, for example. Brandon the hipster, James S. the Bachelor superfan and Will (whoever that is) got eliminated, narrowing the field to 17. This week, another three will go home. These are my picks for who it’ll be. Last week on The Bachelorette, a villain emerged in the form of a hulking carnivore named Chad.

Chad: Chad’s got to go. He’s poisoning the energy in the house to the extent that even JoJo is becoming aware there’s a problem. He’s good TV for now, but he’s wearing out his welcome, especially if he has the potential to get violent. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, you know?

Evan: Evan has confounded all the odds by making it to Episode 3. The erectile dysfunction specialist’s fellow novelty job-havers got sent packing last week. And both of them were more appealing than Evan, who’s kind of a fink and a try-hard. Evan feels to me like the kid who became the bully’s sidekick to keep the bully from picking on him. Unlike Chad, I don’t profess to know exactly what JoJo wants, but I am confident saying she wants a cool guy. And Evan just isn’t a cool guy.

Daniel: Daniel is still here for two reasons: he’s funny and he’s Chad’s only friend in the house. If Chad loses his one ally, he might totally go off the rails. Daniel is basically security at this point. Once Chad goes, Daniel goes, because JoJo sure ain’t into him.

Who do you think JoJo’s sending home?




  • Chad


  • Evan


  • Daniel


  • James T.


  • Ali


  • Christian


  • Jordan


  • Luke


  • Nick


  • Grant


  • Alex


  • Derek


  • Chase


  • Robby


  • Vinny


  • Wells


  • James F.