Samantha Bee Actually Is Mad As Hell and Not Going to Take It Anymore

Prayer is well and good, she said on Monday night’s Full Frontal, but it’s not enough. Americans are dying in repeated mass shootings, and prayer is not going to keep that from happening. Only legislation will. Specifically, legislation that keeps assault rifles out of the hands of civilians who have no business having them. Samantha Bee has had enough of prayer.

Bee notes that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen had numerous red flags — a history of domestic violence, complaints to his employer about his instability and twice being investigated for ties to terrorism — but none of these were enough to prevent him from buying a gun capable of mowing down a room full of people in seconds.

Samantha Bee, <em>Full Frontal</em>Samantha Bee, Full Frontal

She has a message for lawmakers like Florida Gov. Rick Scott who say the way to help is to pray and think about what we can do to keep ourselves safe: “Stop thinking and do something to improve our society.”