In 2017, Samsung plans to launch ‘game-changing’ smartphones you can BEND and FOLD

Samsung's foldable phone and tablet

One of the handsets folds up like a makeup compact

According to “people familiar with the matter”, the two devices will feature flexible OLED dispays, Bloomberg Technology reports. Tech giant Samsung could be poised to release two new smartphones with bendable screens in 2017.

One of the new two models is a flip phone that will fold in half like a cosmetic compact. The second model is said to sport a 5-inch smartphone screen, that unfolds to 8 inches for use as a tablet.

Described as “game-changers”, the new handsets could be unveiled as early as February, as part of Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress tech show, getting a head start on Apple .

Samsung's foldable phone and tablet

The smartphone screen can be folded out for use as a tablet

The new products are reportedly being developed under the codename “Project Valley”.

They won’t fall under Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship line, but will instead be sold under a entirely new product name, claims the report.

The Korean tech brand is known to have been working on bendable smartphone screens for some time and was rumoured to be planning a launch for 2015.

Samsung's foldable phone and tablet

The smartphone’s screen can be rolled out to make it bigger

Instead the company released the popular Edge series of phones, with the curved AMOLED displays providing a stepping stone to foldable devices.

However, last week the company filed a patent for a smartphone with a flexible display that folds in half to fit in your pocket.

Meanwhile, Apple’s 2017 iPhone is expected to feature a curved edge-to-edge OLED screen, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Earlier this year, Queen’s University Human Media Lab in Canada unveiled its ReFlex mobile phone , toting a bendy screen.

Samsung's foldable phone and tablet

Samsung’s bendable display means that the screen size is flexible

The prototype handset uses a full colour flexible touchscreen, made by Samsung’s rival LG, that rolls up like a newspaper.

Samsung has not yet made any comment on the reported 2017 launch.