See That Celebs Make the Cast of Orange Is the New Black Lose Their Cool

“On the elevator … I was literally like, ‘I wonder if we’re going to see Jane Fonda today?'” Cruz recalls of hoping to bump into the Grace and Frankie star at the Television Critics Association TV previews earlier this year. “And the doors open, boom. There’s Jane Fonda with her little puppy.”

Even celebrities can get starstruck, including the cast of Orange Is the New Black. For star Jackie Cruz, who plays Flaca, it was the moment she met Jane Fonda.

Not one to pass up this fateful meeting, Cruz let her inner fangirl take over. “I was like, “You’re Jane Fonda!” Cruz says.

However, Fonda had no idea who Cruz is. The actress then had to explain that she and co-star Dascha Polanco are on Orange Is the New Black, to which Fonda merely wondered: “Is Taylor [Schilling] here?”

But Cruz isn’t the only OITNB star to completely lose her cool when meeting another celebrity. In the video above, Samira Wiley can’t help but blush when recalling the time she and Uzo Aduba met Derek Jeter at a bar. Check it out to get the full Jeter and Fonda stories from the OITNB stars themselves!

Orange Is the New Black returns Friday, June 17 on Netflix.