Sense sleep-tracker launched in the UK as British founder confronts ‘historically negative attitude’ to sleep

He knows this for sure because he happens to be the CEO and co-founder of a company that makes a sleep-tracking device called Sense. How much sleep do you get each night? James Proud, a 24-year old from South London, gets between seven and eight.

Rather than a wearable device, Sense is a spherical little gadget roughly the size of an orange that sits on your nightstand and communicates with a tiny “pill” that you stick inside your pillow.

It measures things like temperature, noise, light and movement and will wake you up at the optimum time with gentle alarms and a glowing ambiance.

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Hello Inc, the San Francisco-based company that Proud started, has been selling the device consistently in the US since it hit its Kickstarter crowdfunding target.

And as of today, it’s now available to buy here in the UK as well.

“We have a historically negative attitude towards sleep, but it’s one of the most efficient uses of our time,” Proud told Mirror Online.

“If you want to improve your day or life – whether it’s lose weight or find happiness – it starts with sleep,” he said.

James Proud is the founder of Hello, the company behind the Sense tracker

That’s as well as maybe – but at £149, the Sense is an expensive way to get a good night’s kip.

Proud maintains that it’s the simplicity of the gadget that means you’ll go on using it long after you’ve consigned your Fitbit or Jawbone wearable to the desk drawer.

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It simply sits there, collecting data that can be viewed back at any time on the accompanying smartphone app.

“Friction is the key. When you have friction, people stop using it. If you have to put something on, take it off, charge it up then you’re not going to stick with it.

The Sense sleep monitor is available to buy today from Hello Inc direct or through Amazon.

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