Skylanders Imaginators makes kids create their own playable heroes

Skylanders Imaginators

Skylanders Imaginators adds a new twist to the formula

Skylanders Imaginators will be released on October the 14th as a Starter Pack that includes everything you need to get going. This year’s Skylanders game lets children create their own characters and then play and upgrade them in the game.

Place the included Creation Crystal on the USB portal and kids can start picking and mixing different arms, legs and torsos.

It starts looking quite simple but there is a lot of control here. Tap the randomise button a few times and you start to see just how varied and creative these characters can be.

Once you have your character made it can be used in the Skylanders game like any other.

These new creations pair up with special Sensei Skylanders who help get more parts, weapons and abilities.

As before this is an action adventure game will all sorts of fights, puzzles, battles and fetch quests.

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You can save some money by using any of your existing Skylanders from any of the previous games — from a choice of over 300!

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Each of the 20 Sensei characters have a special type that lets them access special chests in the game. Other Skylanders can collect parts as they go, but not these special add-ons.

To access all of these items you will likely need one Sensei in each type, but parents should remember that kids can finish the game with just the Starter Pack.

At the reveal event the game looked really good on PlayStation 4. Visually and audibly everything popped off the screen and felt well polished already — with many months more development before release.

Gameplay will be familiar to fans of Skylanders. It’s the same co-operative adventure experience with fights and puzzles along the way. There will also be a return for the Kart Racing mode although no details on exactly how that will work so far.

Skylanders Imaginators is looking strong, and with the new Skylanders Academy TV series launching soon it looks set to stay on children’s radar for at least another year.

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