Smart clothes peg knew when it’s about to rain – and sends a message to your mobile to tell you


‘Peggy’ is linked to a mobile phone app

The revolutionary ‘Peggy’ also informs users of the best time to do their washing and estimates how long it will take to dry according to the weather. This ‘smart’ clothes peg sends an alert to your mobile phone when it’s about to rain – so you can take your washing down in time.

Linked to a mobile phone app , the smart device sends a push-notification to alert users with any updates.

Peggy, which looks just like an ordinary clothes peg, uses a built-in thermometer to monitor changes in temperature.

Humidity and precipitation – including rain – are monitored with a humidity sensor.

A built-in light sensor keeps track of UV sunlight

And a built-in light sensor keeps track of UV sunlight.

Australian laundry brand Omo developed Peggy in response to research that revealed parents want to spend more time playing with their children.

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The smart technology elements in the device work together to help families be more organised with their laundry and have more free time.

Peggy gives users the best time of day to do their washing and drying

An Omo spokeswoman said: “Peggy talks to weather sites, constantly accumulating data and analysing weather forecasts.

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“Peggy also alerts you immediately if rain is on the way and lets you and your family knows when it’s time to bring the clothes in.

“The device ensures you never forget your clothes in the washing machine again as it will remind you that the laundry is still in the washing machine.


Peggy runs off a rechargeable battery and measures 12cm tall

“Peggy goes over and above a normal weather app as it provides the user with information tailored to them.

“Peggy is able to notify you of the best day and time to dry your clothes and accurately predict your drying time which current weather apps and utility can’t do.

“Normal weather apps only tell users the weather for the area whereas Peggy can inform you of the most up to date weather information for your backyard.

“We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to Peggy with over 7,000 people who have registered their interest to purchase one if it is made commercially available.”

Washing is left to dry on a washing line
Peggy will ensure you never leave your washing out in the rain again

The device also enables parents to receive personalised information about nearby events and suggestions of games and activities to play with their kids.

It runs off a rechargeable battery and measures 12cm tall.

Paul Connell, marketing director at Unilever Laundry & Homecare ANZ, said: “Omo is committed to finding ways to help lighten the load and get children playing, exploring and developing their full potential.

“Peggy is a simple device that reinvents how parents go about their laundry, freeing up time to enjoy more moments of real play with their children.”

Peggy is currently in the prototype stage, being tested by selected parents, with Omo looking to make it commercially available if it proves a success.

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