Smirking driver ‘refused to move out of way of hearse carrying body of tragic teen to her funeral’


A picture was taken of the car after the driver allegedly refused to move for a funeral cortege of a tragic teen

Builders had to beg the people inside the black Nissan Juke to move their vehicle and “show some respect” after the horse drawn cortege was unable to pass through, it’s claimed. A driver has been publicly shamed after allegedly refusing to move out of the way of a hearse carrying the coffin of a tragic teenager to her funeral .

A picture, said to have been taken of the car , shows a man in the passenger seat smirking and waving his arms out the window while it’s thought a woman is behind the wheel.

It was posted on Facebook by Catherine Smith, who was apparently inside one of the funeral cars, and encouraged people to share it after claiming the driver ‘wanted to go viral’.

She said in the message posted on Saturday: “Yesterday was the funeral of my friends 17-year-old daughter- these idiots refused to move out of the way of the horse drawn hearse telling us we should get the horses to reverse and laughing – a builder ended up begging them to show some respect and shaming them into moving.

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The hearse had been carrying the coffin of a tragic teenager, who has not been named (file picture)

“As you can see they were still laughing when I took the photo, apparently there is no need to show respect and they said hope we go viral everyone will agree with them.

“So please people make their dreams come true and send this viral…”

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The photo is believed to have been taken in London, though it is not clear where.

Outraged Facebook commenters have called for those in the car to be reported to police.

Met Police said they were unable to comment on the incident.

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