Terrible Movies Which Killed A Franchise After One Try

From science fiction tales like Star Wars and Star Trek, to the wildly successful superhero genre that has completely taken over our world, you can almost always count on Hollywood to try and make more money through sequels, prequels, three-quels, and reboots. In the years since the first ever Star Wars movie made its glorious debut in theaters, the film industry has pretty much lived and died by the power of the franchise.

However, not every franchise comes out of the gates sprinting. For every great series of movies, there exist innumerable examples of times in which Hollywood simply got it wrong, stopping a franchise in its tracks. We’ve gone through recent history and come up with a list of eight times in which a film series stumbled on the first entry, and effectively killed an entire potential franchise in the process. Now let’s get the ball rolling with one film that makes most self-respecting DC comic book nerds cringe…

Green Lantern
In brightest day and blackest night, we really wish this movie had escaped our sight. Before the insane success of Deadpool, Hollywood gave Ryan Reynolds so many times to try and capitalize on the success of the superhero genre. The most glaring failure came in 2011 with Martin Campbell’s deplorable Green Lantern. With a horrible script, dreadful CGI, and a wholly miscast Reynolds in the role of Hal Jordan, Green Lantern effectively forced Warner Bros. to re-reboot the DCEU in 2013 with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Green Lantern has become so outstandingly panned that the studio even opted to push Green Lantern Corps to the final spot on the DCEU’s film slate in 2020.

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