The Best Shorts For Stopping Thigh Chafing, Because Summer Is Coming

So, the next best thing is to wear an item that gives minimal coverage, while preventing thigh chafing: The perfect pair of summery shorts. Because there’s no point looking #onfleek AF if you’re thighs are going to be rubbed red raw, am I right? It’s getting hot in here and although you may want to take off all your clothes, unfortunately you’re not legally allowed to walk around naked in most public places.

A great pair of shorts for summer (or any hot climate) will kill two birds with one stone — they will keep you cool and help ward off inner thigh chafing. No one wants to spend a gorgeous day adventuring in the sun, only to spend the entire next day keeping their thighs from touching. Although everyone’s bodies are different and there are certain fabrics or styles of shorts that might not agree with you as an individual, there is one hard and fast rule to live by when wearing shorts in summer: Stay away from stiff materials and tailoring. Fabrics like heavy cotton or denim are best to steer clear of if the last thing you want is sore thighs. Tailored shorts look awesome, but they offer little room for movement, which is not ideal at the best of times, but they’re especially unsuited to wear during warmer weather. If you’re stuck for solutions, here are a bunch of shorts to experiment with on your quest for chafe-free thighs!

1. The Fruity Pair

Ada Fruit Print Flippy Shorts, $14,

What could be more summery than a pair of fruity, flippy shorts?

2. The Floral Print Pair

Floral Print Chiffon Shorts, $38.50,

Look feminine and feel fresh in these easy, breezy shorts.

3. The Workout Shorts

Active Wrk It Elastic Detail Shorts Black, $17,

Tight, soft shorts should ease chafing too, so try sporting these on your next workout.

4. The Pull On Pair

Geo Print Pull On Shorts, $38.50,

These cool shorts will look great dressed up or down, so you’ll be ready for whatever the summer throws at you!

5. The Cheese Cloth Shorts

Faye Wrap Front Cheese Cloth Woven Runner Shorts, $16,

You’ll feel like you’re walking on air in a pair of cheese cloth shorts.

6. The Perforated Pair

Faux Suede Perforated Shorts, $37.98,

If you fancy something a little more unusual, opt for a pair of perforated shorts to put a quirky spin on your outfit.

7. The Culotte Shorts

Asos Jersey Pleated Culotte, $30,

Culotte shorts are not only super comfy, but they’re seriously trendy right now too and I’m certainly not complaining. Long live culottes!

8. The Crotchet Hem Style

Simply Be Crochet Hem Denim Shorts, $49.49,

If you can’t bear to be without denim shorts this summer, choose a pair of soft denim style shorts made out of a lightweight fabric.

9. The Scarf Print Shorts

Asos Scarf Print Shorts With Tassels Hem, $30,

Gals filled with wanderlust will love these scarf print, tasseled shorts which look super comfortable to travel in.

10. The Paisley Pair

Plus Camilla Paisley Flippy Short, $16,

Paisley is a classic print and it looks great when paired with simple, color block separates.

11. The Pleated Pair

Monki Pleat Detail Short, $33,

Folks wanting to rock an androgynous vibe will look rad in these oversized, pleated shorts.

12. The Stripy Shorts

Striped Chiffon Shorts, $38.50,

Summer wouldn’t be the same without at least one stripy, nautical inspired garment in your closet. Pair these chiffon shorts with a red lip for instant sailor style.

13. The Slouchy Shorts

USA Drinking Team Cutie Shorts, $77,

These cute, comfy-looking shorts will come in handy on days when you literally want to watch Netflix and chill.

Don’t put up with chafed thighs, nip them in the bud with these comfortable shorts!

Images: Courtesy Brands