The Clap-off Bra You Never Asked For and Don’t Want Is Eventually Here!

Now you can have that same frustration — but on your breasts! Doesn’t that sound like a treat? I’m all for innovation (I mean, I won the 5th grade science fair with a rolly-backpack that doesn’t fall down, so, yeah, I’d say I’m all about innovation), but a clap-off bra seems like a pretty horrible idea. For starters, who are these women who find themselves unable to power through the five-second task of taking off a bra? No, seriously. Who are these people? Even more distressing is the idea of someone wearing this to a concert or sporting event. All those claps? I shudder to think about it. How about we all just agree to take off our own bras, okay?  Hey, you know how annoying clap-off lights are?

(Mildy-NSFW, just FYI.)