This screenplay written by an Artificial Intelligence has been turned into bizarre short film

While individual sentences make sense, they combine to form completely nonsensical conversations between the characters. Thomas Middlemitch in Sunspring

Thanks to the actors’ admirable skills, the film is strangely watchable, but the bizarre lines and lack of a coherent plot make it more of a gimmick than an Oscar contender.

If the film is anything to go by, Hollywood script writers have nothing to fear from the robot uprising just yet.

The film is the latest in a series of AI experiments including a computer developed by Google’s Deepmind AI arm that managed to beat Go grandmaster Lee Sedol .

Microsoft’s AI Twitter-bot ‘Tay’ proved to be rather less successful after it went rogue, learning from the language being tweeted at it by trolls and spewing an range of offensive opinions on subjects including Hitler and genocide.

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