Will Alicia Return – The Good Wife Spin-Off

According to The Good Wife co-creator Michelle King, there’s a chance Margulies will appear on the anticipated Diane and Lucca (Cush Jumbo) spin-off. We may not have seen the last of Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and Diane Lockhart’s (Christine Baranski) complicated relationship.

“We might [see Alicia],” King told TVLine. “It’s all being conceived right now.”

The Good Wife finale ended with Diane slapping Alicia for exposing her husband’s (Gary Cole) alleged infidelity in court, a move which polarized many fans who were upset at the show’s cynical ending.

The spin-off will pick up one year after the notorious slap, when Alicia is no longer working at the firm. However, her good friend Lucca is still employed by Diane, giving ample reason for Alicia to make cameos. And who knows? Maybe time will have healed all wounds between Alicia and Diane. (Doubtful, but don’t judge us for hoping.)

The Good Wife bosses defend the slap

Alicia won’t be the only familiar face possibly returning for the untitled spin-off, which will air solely on CBS’ streaming service All Access. King says the series will likely feature other Good Wife characters, but that, “the thinking is new characters” populating the firm.

Do you hope Alicia returns and works things out with Diane?

Julianna Margulies, <em>The Good Wife</em>Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

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