Watch John Stamos and More Perform Your Fave Songs Live – The Little Mermaid

Backed by a full orchestra, John Stamos, Tituss Burgess, Darren Criss and more belted the best songs from the iconic soundtrack. Check out highlights from the production below. A very random group of celebrities gathered together on Saturday night (June 4) to perform a live production of The Little Mermaid. And based on the videos below, it was effin’ fantastic.

John Stamos, “Les Poissons”
Forget the Rippers! Uncle Jesse found his true calling playing the hilariously flamboyant fish killer, Chef Louie.

Tituss Burgess, “Under the Sea”
It should come as no surprise how great the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmdit star is as Sebastian. He did play the role on Broadway, after all.

Rebel Wilson, “Poor Unfortunate Souls”
Get Rebel Wilson on Broadway now! The Pitch Perfect star completely stole the show as everyone’s favorite sea witch, Ursula

Darren Criss, “Her Voice”
Disney purists beware: The Glee star performed a Prince Eric song from the Broadway musical, not the movie. But if we had to choose between Darren Criss singing a Little Mermaid song we don’t know and Darren Criss not singing at all, we know which one we’d choose.

Sara Bareilles, “Part of Your World”
Say what you want about Bareilles’ music. She made a perfect Ariel. Bow down.