Chris Messina Demoted for Season 5 – The Mindy Project Shake-Up

When The Mindy Project returns for a fifth season, Messina will no longer be a series regular, TVLine reports. The actor will continue to make guest appearances on the Hulu comedy, much like how he’s popped in and out of the current season. It looks as though Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Danny (Chris Messina) are truly over.

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Mindy and Danny have been the central romantic couple of the series and even share a child together. That makes Messina’s demotion heartbreaking news for Mindy fans who hoped to see the couple work things out after they ended their engagement earlier this season.

Are you sad there will be less Messina – and therefore less Messina dancing and less of his red glasses – next season?

Chris Messina, <em>The Mindy Project</em>

Chris Messina, The Mindy Project